Dorina Rigo is the Founder, Distributor and Instructor of Kangoo Club Toronto, and one of only a few Canadian distributors of Kangoo Jumps products. She’s dynamic, she’s fun, and she’s committed to bouncing into fitness. And, she’s the only licensed Kangoo Jumps Instructor Trainor in Canada.

She was born in Hungary and spent most of her life in Europe. Dorina has always loved trying new things. That’s how she discovered her passion for fitness and healthy living. Her true passion for fitness was sparked by a good friend when she settled in Toronto. This friend introduced her to the gym and to snowboarding. She had never tried either, but immediately fell in love with with both. That was the true beginning of her passion for fitness; she can no longer imagine life without it.

Today, Dorina is a certified personal trainer, a certified Kangoo Jumps instructor and is here to share her passion for fitness and health with the world. She is currently training for a woman’s fitness competition.

Before starting Kangoo Club Toronto, Dorina lived in France. Inspired by French cuisine and culture, she went to work on a French cruise ship. There, she learned French and also developed an insatiable love for travel. She returned to Hungary to study hospitality and tourism, but soon decided that her next destination was on the other side of the Atlantic. With a desire to refine her English and to broaden her international work experience, Dorina moved to Canada.

She fell in love with the country’s people and natural landscapes, and has called Toronto home since.