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Dorina’s KangooPower class is an explosive, highly motivating, choreographed, interval training program. It is specifically designed to challenge the whole body, building muscular strength and endurance. Each Jump move is designed to focus on core stability, ensuring a balanced workout, to challenge even the fittest, but also the beginner.
The success of the classes is mainly due to the extraordinary feeling it creates, due to the high release of endorphins. Attendees get “addicted” to it. The basic moves are very easy and can be performed with growing complexity and intensity as you progress to levels 2 & 3. Therefore, this program suits a broad range of class attendees, even those who normally don’t take group aerobics.
KangooPower is also great for athletes, due to its use of plyometric techniques using Kangoo Jumps to maximize effort, whilst preventing damaging impacts to the joints.
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