Instructor’s Training

Dorina Rigo of Kangoo Club Toronto is the only certified Kangoo Jumps Instructor Trainer in Canada. Below you will see a list of her workshop and training sessions that will license you to become a certified Kangoo Jumps Instructor too.

KangooPower is an explosive, highly motivating, non-choreographed, interval training program. It is
specifically designed to challenge the whole body, building muscular strength and endurance. Each Jump move is designed to focus on core stability, ensuring a balanced workout, to challenge even the fittest, but also the beginner.

Kangoo BootCamp is a fun, soft Military-style training program, taking club members outdoors.
The instructor can decide on the intensity of the class, depending on the fitness level of the participants. It is either for participants who have a good base level of fitness up to athletic fitness or participants of all ages and fitness levels.

JOGGING – TUCK JUMPS – INTERVAL SPRINTS – PLYOMETRIC JUMP TRAINING are just some of the exercises that you will be doing in this all out workout from Kangoo Jumps.

The single day live workshop price (7-8 hours): $190 – Kangoo Power OR Kangoo BootCamp
The price for 2 days, Kangoo Power AND Kangoo BootCamp: $250

For dates of our next classes, check the schedule.
Please contact me for additional information:
[email protected] or 416-939-1893