The Team

Dorina Headshot

Dorina Rigo is the Founder, Distributor and Instructor of Kangoo Club Toronto, and one of only a few Canadian distributors of Kangoo Jumps products. She’s dynamic, she’s fun, and she’s committed to bouncing into fitness.

She started Kangoo Club Toronto in 2010, teaching across the Greater Toronto Area. Today, she has trained over one dozen instructors and has a core team of four teachers training people like you. Meet the rest of Dorina’s team below.

Krisztina BalazsComing from a sports loving family, Krisztina Balazs has been an athlete since the time she could walk. She played European handball for 16 years and also danced for several years.

She found Kangoo Jumps and fitness after a bad injury when she was not able to train and play handball. I fell in love, and her Hungarian master trainer led her into this world. She is committed to giving people something good, helping them to feel and look their best and have lots of fun doing so.

Krisztina’s goal is to make something extraordinary and new with Kangoo Jumps, mixing it with dancing, kickboxing and whatever new and fun comes to her.


Alejandra LeyvaAlejandra Leyva has a sense of her adventure. It’s this adventurous nature that brought her to Canada from Mexico, almost 3 years ago.

She has always been interested in traveling, trying new things, meeting new people and in living a healthy lifestyle. Alejandra’s passion for Kangoo Jumps began about a year ago. It was love at first try, and it didn’t take long before she decided to become an instructor.

Her positive energy and love of Kangoo Jumps make her classes a total Kangoo Power class.

Rachel AlbertRachel Albert is a certified fitness instructor as well as a certified teacher.

With this dynamic combination of credentials, Kangoo Kids seemed like the perfect match! Rachel brings a bright smile and a lot of energy to everything she does.

Rest assured that her participants will experience an excellent workout and will have a blast!



Karen Todd

Karen Todd is an enthusiastic, cheerful and energetic person. She is always willing to try new stuff and challenge herself.

Soon after taking her first Kangoo Jump class, she realized she wanted to take it to the next level. She became an instructor to share her passion with others, inspire and motivate them to excercise while having fun.

One of the things she likes the most is to listen to her favourite latin music while trying to pull off some new Kangoo moves.